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Imported from Germany A proven Versatile plant installed to roll out around one lakh cones with or without auto sleeving each working day in a absolute hygienic atmosphere.



KAP CONES came into existence in 2000 with the state of art fully automatic machinery. At present we are proud supplier to every ice cream company with the largest capacity and youngest plant in south east asia. Unveiled the market further for existence of any organized and modernized industry in biscuit cone making and expanded activities and decided to put up the German state of art machinery to manufacture SUGAR ROLLED BISCUIT CONES at Gurgaon to cater to ICE CREAM INDUSTRY and thus the new incorporation.

KAP CONES is well aware of the presence of secondary market for wafer cones in high volumes and thus infallible plans to pierce the market with well-organized marketing set up in the succeeding period. The USP of our cone manufacturing unit is that the entire process is in operation of machine completely untouched by hand in an extremely hygienic atmosphere before it reaches to our customer. However, the quality inspectors ensures quality check at regular intervals and complement to the changing intervals in the Ice cream world.

KAP CONES is the first company to enter in to export market of cones by virtue of exceptional quality and output of machinery and numbered units in the region.

Strength which is an important characteristic of the cone manufacturing process. Our Cones withstand pre filling in the factory if they are used for frozen treats like the Drumstick. Unfilled cones are packed together by mechanical devices. The cones are nested neatly to allow efficient packing with minimal packing materials.

Taste is the key design factor in the KAP CONES' manufacturing department. We make sure that our cake cones are crispy while the waffle cons are crunchy and sweet but not too hard or over-powering in sugar content to complement the ice cream.


There are three principal types of ice cream cones; the cake cone (also called a molded or flat-bottomed cone), the waffle cone, and the sugar cone. The waffle cone is characterized by a rough or unfinished top edge. The sugar cone is made with the same ingredients and process as a waffle cone but has a finished top edge and sometimes a chocolate lining.

The waffle pattern on all types of cones, the finished edge of the sugar cone, and the shape of the flat-bottomed cone (as well as comet varieties of the cake cone) greatly influence the ease with which the finished cones pop out of their molds. Cone designers refine the waffle pattern and other shape characteristics and make trial batches to find the best design that releases from the mold without burning, breaking, or creating weak spots that won't hold ice cream or will break when the scoop is applied. The molded cone has a lip around the top that keeps drips contained inside the cone. The row of teeth helps firmly seat the scoop of ice cream and provides added strength where the upper lip of the cone meets the cylindrical base.

Our cones department make sure that the Shapes and patterns which affect baking characteristics and taken care of. Our finished cone is uniform in color as well as shiny outer covering. It is baked uniformly so that all sides (including the flat bottom) are thoroughly cooked. Since the cones are expected to hold single to triple scoops. Our filled cone hold good strength no matter they have three flavors atop it.

Our four types of principal ice cream cones.

1). Cake cones, 2). Waffle cone 3). Sugar cones and 4) Waffle bowls are very popular in ice cream packing manufacture at present. The quantity of sugar is a major distinguishing feature of the various types of cones.

1) Cake Cones: KAP CONES is offering to the best quality cone in the industry today. Our cones department uses three flours in the baking process; pastry, cake, and tapioca. There is more crunch, taste and sweetness in our cones in comparison to some of our competitors. This combination produces a lighter, flakier cone with a much better taste than other products.

The difference we mark in the quality of our finished products is appreciated by our clientele. We make sure that the sweetness and taste of the cone is maintained till the last bite you taste since the cone is the last thing that the consumer taste to compete with the fun filled ice cream . We make sure that our cones does not leave any negativity on the treat. The lowest number is the smallest cup (#10) and the largest number is the largest cup (#80), with the other numbers falling between these two. cups are built for portion control and appearance. Extra, higher cross ribs in the bottom of the cup reduces the amount of soft serve a inside the cone.

2) Waffle Cones: The waffle cone is characterized by a rough or unfinished top edge. Sugar cone is made with same ingredients and process as waffle cone but have finished top edge and sometimes a chocolate lining. The waffle pattern on all types of cones, the finished edge of the sugar cone and the shape of the flat bottomed cone greatly influence the ease with which finish cones pop out of their moulds. The USP of our cone manufacture is the entire process is controlled by machines and the manpower is equipped to equality check. It includes accurate addition of ingredients. The sugar waffle and cake cones perfectly complement changing flavours within the ice cream world while adding their own support, taste, crunch and sense of tradition.

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